Welcome to the world of the BBQBS

What started as a college football podcast a few short years ago has grown into an Insurmountable force in sports media, all 50 of our listeners have DEMANDED more content and expansion from the BBQB crew, and the only next possible step to quench the fanatical thirst for our listeners require we decided to start this BLOG!!!!!! It is safe to say that the media world will never be the same, and our quest for dominance has just begun. By the end of the year, we expect to have at least 20% growth in our audience all the way up to 60 whole CONTENT SUBSCRIBERS—wow-what a fantastic accomplishment. I will go right ahead and congratulate us now for all the incredible work we’ve done. I mean hell, I have promised our fans this website for over 3 years now, and who knew it would only take 20 minutes on my laptop to get this thing up and running on the world wide web.

This is the natural expansion of what the BBQBs podcast was, but with more avenues to explore. We will not only cover college football but all sports, short stories, business, food, and pretty much anything else the squad might enjoy. I have gathered a few additional writers and content creators to add to the already brilliant talents of CJ and me. So welcome to the expanded world of the BBQBs (obviously they are not as talented as this site’s world-renown founders, but they were handpicked by us, so what the hell maybe they’ll show some pizazz and be half the content creators we are).


The Beer Bottle QBs