6 Years Too Late but We Are Finally DONE Bill O’Brien

This is a long time coming because Billy O is one of the worst coaches I have ever seen. No one has ever had so much talent on his roster and done so little. The fact that ownership not only kept this bum around for multiple years, but also gave him the GM role is appalling. With all that said, though, this is a day of hope as we can finally celebrate to the future and a Coach who won’t royally mess up one of the best QBs in the league. SO LET THE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN!!!!

Celebration GIF by State Farm - Find & Share on GIPHY

Now onto who are suitable options to replace Bill, I am just going to throw out some names and maybe one will stick:

  1. Mike Leach- Air Raid in the NFL? Would be unreal
  2. Lane Kiffin- Pure electricity
  3. Kyle Shanahan- No state income tax in Texas
  4. Dabo Swinney- Clemson Watson Magic round 2
  5. Nick Saban- I mean why not
  6. Kellen Moore- The only thing that seems to work for the Cowboys, why not take it

These are just a couple random names but anyone in the world is better than Billy O.

-Bulls on Parade

-The BBQBs NFL Correspondant

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