The BBQBs: College Football Week 8 Review

As always we need to start with the Frogs, they stink, we have seemingly no quick fixes insight and for the first time in ages, it feels like we quit in the middle of the game. That is pretty much all I can muster up to say about the beloved froggies currently, if you want to hear Cj and I’s full rant tune into the podcast later this week. Now we can talk about teams that actually matter this year, and in honor of the Big Ten finally deciding to join the group chat we will start their opening week.

Big Ten: Now it’s on to college football teams that actually matter! If you followed along with the Beer Bottle QBs upset picks you know we got literally everything wrong Lol. But other than that this week felt like a real week of college football, the Big Ten after decades of offensive ineptness somehow found a way to put up massive amounts of points this week. Don’t get me wrong Big Ten football still stinks, but you have to give some credit when it is due. I without a doubt thought the opening weekend was going to be a bramble of terribly ugly football from the rust belt, but to my surprise, the top of the Big Ten actually looked like some top-caliber football teams. Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin all took care of business with blowout wins and as for Penn State, I think we always knew they were a pretender anyway. The real question immediately becomes is Michigan forreal this year or are our Row the Boat boys at Minnesota just flat out a disappointment this season. Either could be true but for the sake of all Ohio State haters and Harbaugh lovers, I hope we can finally say Michigan is BACK.

ACC: The ACC continued to roll on as usual Clemson started off sloppily to Syracuse but figured it out in the second half handily taking it to Syracuse. My own personal upset of the week Pitt vs the evil Irish of Notre Dame was an unmitigated disaster as Notre Dame simply throttled the poor Panthers at home. Mack attack and the Tar Heels bounced back with a romp of in-state rival NC State, and the only surprise of the weekend came at the hands of Wake Forest stunning the Hokies in a surprise game that really doesn’t matter. The ACC is without a doubt a two-horse race at the moment, Clemson is clearly the favorite and Notre Dame seems like the only team within the ballpark at the moment. I would say North Carolina potentially has a shooters chance but right now I’m staying on the Clemson hype train as the best team in the land.

SEC: The SEC also had basically no surprises, there is Alabama and then everyone else. The Lane Train couldn’t quite pull it off against the always epitome of average Auburn tigers. LSU bounced big with a big win over South Carolina, and literally who cares about anything else. We’ll report back when we think that someone is remotely close to Bama and Georgia but until then there is nothing else to talk about.

The Big 12: The Big 12 finally hit moving day separating the have from the have not’s. Oklahoma State put themselves down as a legitimate contender and the star of the show is surprisingly their defensive might. They held Brock Purdy and the surprisingly explosive Cyclone offense to just a mere 21 points. Kansas State took care of business and handily beat in state rival Kansas but that game can’t really prove much for them as Kansas is literally awful year in and year out, it might be time to bring back Mangino for the Jayhawks because despite his personal baggage he’s the only person ever to win at Kansas. K-State still has both OSU and ISU on the schedule so while they are at the top of the conference now they still have a lot of work to do. As for the rest of the conference, OU and Texas kept themselves in the hunt against TCU and Baylor who at one point were the most explosive teams in the country but have unfortunately for me and the frogs have fallen on darker days. They are both in the hunt but I don’t think that either is as good as Oklahoma State. Neal Brown and West Virginia are quitly still in the Hunt but the remainder of their schedule is rather gruesome four of their final five games lay against the top of the conference. Currently, I have to put Oklahoma State in the driver seat and really the only playoff contender due to K-States horrific opening week loss, but as always time will have to tell whether the Pokes can pull through.

And that’s a wrap tune back in next week for a full recap of week 9

-The BBQBs

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