The Producer Speaks: Blake and Cj’s Podcast Report Card

This week, Blake and CJ both got a C+, a lot of effort and good energy, but still lacking proper execution. I swear if you all heard what they sounded like before I got in there, you wouldn’t be able to listen without getting a migraine. So many ‘uh’s and ‘umm’s and ‘ah’s in between ludicrously long pauses.

Honestly, a few times an episode, I have to check that my headphones are still working because of how long they’re gone without saying a word to each other. Which is really very surprising given how long-winded they can be. I ended up shaving at least 10 mins off this latest episode between their stuttering, grunting, and inexplicable silences. Not to mention the random interference on their equipment, which I can’t fix on my end with the tools I have, so I usually have to cut it out.

Despite all this, the boys have shown marked improvement over past episodes, and the effort they are putting in is really starting to show. With a few elocution lessons and a whole lot of luck, I’m sure one day they will be able to speak in an acceptable fashion.

I’m sure they’ll agree.

-The Producer

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