We’ve Officially Reached The Point Where Zach Evans Not Playing More Is Outright Comical


We finally got a glimpse of what Evans can do. For the first time all year, we have seen the explosiveness firsthand. We have officially gone from skeptical believers that ZE can make plays at this level to being absolutely positive that he is the real deal. This first blast came at the beginning of the 2nd quarter with this beast mode run:

Skip to 2:23 if it does not do so automatically

The speed is evident, the vision is omnipresent, and there is zero doubt in my mind that he has an extra gear that no other player on our offense possesses. He bolted for 30 plus yards in an instant and scored the first TD of hopefully many as a Horned Frog.

The next scamper doesn’t quite go the distance but the combination of power along with speed shows another even more sinister piece of his game. Running downhill with the viciousness of Marshawn “Skittles” Lynch and the speed to boot he attacks the Baylor Defense with a Venom I haven’t seen a TCU runningback since LT himself.

Skip to 4:26 if it does not do so automatically

I mean, if you can’t see that there is a difference between Evans and every other back on the roster, then I simply can’t help ya. If these two clips aren’t enough and you are one of those nerds that need some math to back it up, I got great news for ya……the stats DONT LIE EITHER.

Let’s take a look at the Baylor game alone, and then we can deep dive into the season as a whole. He had 7 carries for 81 yards and a TD, that’s an average of 11.57 yards a carry, and to add to the stat line, he had a single reception resulting in an additional 10 yards from scrimmage. I mean, that line speaks for itself. On average against Baylor, every time he touched the rock, he gains just over 11 yards. I mean, you simply can’t argue with that, obviously, the sample size is small, but let’s be real if he was touching the ball a reasonable amount of times a game; I wouldn’t have to be writing this sh$%ty article. We’ve only seen even smaller glimpses up to this point in the season, but his total stats stand out as well. Overall(including the Baylor game), he has touched the ball 18 times(11 rushing carries and 7 receptions) resulting in 170 total yards from scrimmage (98 yards rushing, and 72 yards passing). All that adds up to a whopping average of 9.4 yards every single time touches the ball……does that not scream GIVE HIM THE D%&MN BALL MORE?????????

That may be an overreaction on my part, but If you sit anywhere near me in the stadium, you know for a fact I am prone to outbursts of these kinds, especially when the horrible Big 12 Refs make classically horrible Big 12 Ref calls. But when you compare Evan’s production to our other stable of running backs, the differences truly stand out. I have nothing against Barlow, Miller, and Foster because I think they are all solid backs, with a couple of them even having a chance to be elite by the end of their careers in the purple and black. When comparing running backs this year, the guy we have to talk about is Barlow. He has certainly been the lead back this season and has explosive potential in his own right, but when you compare him to Evans, the differences are measurable. For the year, he’s touched the ball 44 times (39 rushes and 5 receptions), totaling 259 yards (228 rushing and 31 receiving) all in averaging 5.89 yards a touch. These are absolutely respectable totals, especially with an O-Line that’s been so bad, and obviously, simple stats like this can never paint a full picture. Still, the reality for me has certainly sunk in that Evans is the best back we have.

I am not sure what the issue is, but it sure as hell seems like we should be seeing a lot more Evans than we are. He is without a doubt the 5-star talent we thought he was, and I know he’s had his attitude issues in High School, but when we have had an offense that has been anemic at best most of the season, I simply cannot wrap my head around how we aren’t feeding the best players we have. It seems to be a theme in our offense this season because QJ has been patently absent from the field during seemingly crucial times as well. I know they are freshmen, but the offense isn’t that complicated, and you certainly don’t have to make things complicated to incorporate those two beasts into the mix. For some odd reason, it seems like the Frogs have an utter aversion to playing Freshman even if they are the most talented weapons we have.

Hopefully we will see more Evans and QJ this week against Tech, but I mean the way the season has gone so far it certainly would shock me if they are missing in action once again.

-The Beer Bottle QBs

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