Who knew competitive Jenga could be must-watch TV?

I never thought I would ever say these words but watching competitive Jenga on barstool sports stool streams has been absolutely enthralling.

Whether it’s Spending 13 minutes watching Dave Portnoy wiggle a block out of the tower millimeter by millimeter.

Or watching the infamous and arguably most entertaining player/person in the office, Frank “The Tank” Fleming, attempt to bring his opponents to their knees with sounds that could only be described as nightmare fuel.

Any way you shake it an event that has no business being entertaining has become one must-watch weekday television for me.

And if just the pure entertainment value isn’t enough for you, you can actively participate with a chance to win real money. You just hop on the app, make your picks, and suddenly, you are actively engaged in watching a children’s game that has miraculously become the most exciting part of your Tuesday afternoon.

You have to give Hank credit on this one, there is no way I should enjoy watching adults pull blocks out of a tower for two hours, but I am enthralled by it. I don’t know how they do it, but Barstool has made a seemingly mundane activity into an instant hit once again. 

-The Beer Bottle QBs

Insta: @thebeerbottleqbs

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Facebook: The Beer Bottle QBs

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