Blake And CJ Get Roasted By Their Producer Round 2

Blake and CJ’s Report Card: Dec. 2nd, 2020

Blake: B-

Cj: B-

The boys have both shown marked improvement over the last few weeks.
That being said there are still some areas that could be improved upon… like…alot of them.

It’s hard to say which of their speaking habits I find more frustrating:

Blake’s propensity to shoehorn ‘uhh’s and ‘ahh’s in front of and in between many of the
words he says. Which makes them quite a pain to remove from the audio recordings;
while occasionally they blend into what he is trying to say so naturally that they cannot
be removed without the remaining vocals sounding like a discordant mess.

CJ’s habit of loudly stating “Ummmmm…” whenever he is searching for what he wants
to say next. While the stating of the filler word and my subsequent removal of it are a bit
of a hassle; my real complaint here is the sheer volume at which these are recorded. I
don’t know if he is bringing his mouth right up on to the mic when he says it or shouting
it from a few feet away; the result is inevitably the same.

In addition to these issues, both boys seem to be suffering from a stutter that has only gotten
worse from episode to episode as the season has worn on. It’s my belief that both of them would benefit greatly from the presence of a vocal coach and speech therapist in their lives.

I’m sure they’d agree.

-Producer Benn

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